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Online Training

IRP, Inc. is pleased to offer a series of webinars on IRP-related issues.

Simply click on the links below to access IRP’s previously-recorded webinars, organized by topic, and learn more from the convenience of your office!

IRP and IRP-related Processes and ResourcesIRP Committees and Task Forces | International Non-Apportioned Commercial Vehicle Agreement (INCVA) |Plan Changes | Proposed Plan Changes 

IRP Education Certificate:

IRP also offers the IRP Education Certificate, a sequence of six webinars providing fundamental IRP knowledge.

Questions? Contact IRP.


Archived Webinars:

IRP and IRP-related Processes and Resources

Auditing 101
Recorded on Jan. 22, 2015. This webinar will provide new IRP and IFTA auditors with basic knowledge in and guidance on IRP and IFTA audits.

IRP Clearinghouse 3.0 Reports Webinar
Recorded on April 27, 2011. Enhance your knowledge and use of the new Clearinghouse by learning more about the data and available reports.

Evaluation of Internal Controls for IRP and IFTA Auditors
Recorded on Jan. 12, 2011. A partnership with IFTA, this session takes a comprehensive look at the phases, processes and steps to be taken by an auditor to analyze the internal accounting system of a licensee or registrant.

Pre-Audit Planning & Opening Conferences
Recorded Oct. 7, 2010. A partnership with IFTA, this webinar provides an overview of the IRP and IFTA audit processes during both pre-audit planning and the opening conference.

IRP Committees and Task Forces

The Importance of IRP/IFTA Data Sharing
Recorded Dec. 11, 2012. This webinar provides an overview of the recently developed IRP/IFTA Data Sharing Best Practices Guide, which intends to help foster the exchange of information between a jurisdiction’s IRP and IFTA operations.

Dispute Resolution Committee (DRC) Webinar
Recorded Feb. 23, 2012. This webinar outlines the DRC role in the IRP community, how the DRC functions and the processes of the DRC.

International Non-Apportioned Commercial Vehicle Agreement (INCVA)

An Overview of INCVA: How it Applies, Who it Applies To, and How to Make it Fit for Your Jurisdiction
Recorded June 19, 2013. This webinar outlines the key provisions of the International Non-Apportioned Commercial Vehicle Agreement (INCVA), explains the flexibility of the Agreement, and outlines the steps to prepare for joining the Agreement.

Proposal for Free Registration Reciprocity for Smaller Commercial Vehicles
Recorded Jan. 18, 2012. This webinar serves to introduce a proposal of the INCVA Task Force, a task force of IRP, Inc.

International Non-Apportioned Commercial Vehicle Agreement (INCVA)
Recorded Apr. 12, 2011. This webinar informs the IRP community about the potential need for and the ongoing development of a draft inter-jurisdictional agreement for those vehicles that are not eligible for apportioned registration under IRP.

Plan Changes

Implementation of the IRP Audit Rewrite
Recorded on April 25, 2013. This webinar provides additional instruction on implementation of the IRP Audit Rewrite, Ballot 371.

Audit & Record-Keeping Changes Coming to IRP: A Summary for Industry
Recorded on Oct. 2, 2012. This IRP webinar outlines the major changes in IRP’s audit and record-keeping rules and procedures, effective next year.

Proposed Plan Changes

IRP Compliance Audit Working Group (CAWG) - APM
Recorded Apr. 19, 2011. This webinar provides the opportunity to learn more about the proposed IRP Ballot for changes to the International Registration Plan (the Plan), including changes to the IRP Audit Procedures Manual.

IRP Compliance Audit Working Group (CAWG) - Article X
Recorded April 5, 2011. This webinar provides an opportunity to learn more about the proposed ballot changes to the Audit Procedures Manual and Article X on the International Registration Plan (the Plan).

The Education Committee is involved in creating and promoting education and training opportunities for IRP. If you have ideas for new webinar topics, please contact a member of the committee. Stay tuned for more exciting opportunities to increase your IRP knowledge

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